Segwaytour Stuttgart Max-Eyth-See

along the Neckar, up into the vineyards

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We start the Max-Eyth-See-Tour right on the Neckar at the Riverhouse, one of the coolest locations in Stuttgart, right on the banks of the Neckar. And of course you also have the opportunity to go on the water after the tour - with water shoes or for stand-up paddling, in a canoe or in an e-boat

Here you can sip a cocktail in the sand after the tour or fortify yourself with culinary delights (not included). During our tour break at the Burgholzhofturm we can enjoy a great all-round view from lofty heights

Before we climb the heights of the vineyards, we drive a bit along the Neckar.

Did you know that it usually takes a lot more time to learn to ride a bike?

Let's have fun We look forward to seeing you