Segway Tour Vineyard Grave Chapel
Green Stuttgart from above

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Should you not be able to find your desired date here, you can still contact us and we will try whether we can shovel the date for you - or look to the Max-Eyth-See Tour, we will drive on Sunday

We start the grave chapel tour in Stuttgart - Obertürkheim at the end of the church steps at the parking lot of the cemetery. If you should take the S-Bahn, you need about 15 minutes on foot. Unfortunately, since 2019 we are no longer allowed to enter the site of the tomb chapel, but instead we drive up to the Mönchberg in front, from here we have a great view of the tomb chapel and Canstatt

We have little traffic on our tour, because we drive most of it on the dirt roads.

Driving a Segway® can be very exhausting, and that's why we take a break, of course - but we really only take it to charge our batteries a bit and so that we can exchange something in between. Because during the tour we mostly drive in a row and it is a little difficult to have a lot of entertainment.
During the breaks we also satisfy your hunger for knowledge about the Segway.

On our morning tour we just get there when the hunger for lunch calls - on the afternoon tour most look forward to a coffee and - if there is still a piece of cake (not included).

Did you know that it usually takes a lot more time to learn to ride a bike?
If you are a newcomer to the Segway®, you will be surprised - because before each tour we do a briefing and driver training, because only if you feel safe can you feel the fun - and we will have it.

Everyone can drive from the 14th LY (up to the 17th Ly accompanied by a legal guardian)

Let's have fun

We look forward to seeing you

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